Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge in The Secret Life of Pets.
Geographical Information
Type Suspension bridge
Location Brooklyn, New York
Level Single-storey bridge
Location Profile
Users Commuting humans
Status Damaged by The Flushed Pets

Brooklyn Bridge is a large urban suspension bridge in New York and a location in the The Secret Life of Pets universe. The bridge crosses the East River's main waterway, supporting a suspended dual motorway connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan and an elevated walkway in between for commuting humans. The roadway is surrounded by a metal railing to protect the road traffic and nearby humans.


The opening scene of the film reveals that the apartment building the pets live in is not far from Brooklyn Bridge as the landmark is visible from outside it. The bridge links Brooklyn to Manhattan, suggesting that the pets live on the outskirts of the district.

The apartment pets form a rescue team led by Gidget to track a missing Max across the alleyways of Manhattan. When Tiberius flies Gidget to Brooklyn, he flies over Brooklyn Bridge and passes the Freedom Tower dominating downtown New York's skyline.

In one scene near the end, Snowball drives a public bus with Max inside onto Brooklyn Bridge and wreaks havoc with the city traffic. The bus is eventually out of control and smashes the railing, plunging the pair off the bridge and into the East River. Snowball passes off after the crash and Max takes him out, though it is mistaken by The Flushed Pets that he were going to hijack Snowball, resulting all scary animals of the gang swarm out and occupy the bridge. It is Gidget, delivered by Tiberius and with help from her neighbors, that saves Max from being attacked.


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