Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Appearance Young married man
Personal Information
Family Marilyn (Former Wife)
Likes Estate
Production Information
Debut Norman Television
Voiced by Danny Mann

Harold is a character and the main antagonist of the mini-movie Norman Television. He is voiced by Danny Mann.


Harold is the husband of Marilyn. Once, with being watched by Norman secretly, he and his wife had a quarrel about his affair, and she vows not to give any penny of his father-in-law's estate. Harold tries to comfort her, but there's no use, and he becomes annoyed.

Later, when Norman goes by the kitchen, Harold is seen preparing a cup of tea with poison in it. He pretends to be thoughful and passes it to his wife. Norman then blows and throws out his snacks, making Harold split the tea and then the poison bottle falls out when he slips. His wicked plan is exposed; horrified, Marilyn tries to escape from him. Harold then picks up a bottle, trying to attack, but all the lights in the apartment suddenly goes out. He falls down again and is trapped by Marilyn's Cat for a while.

Norman brings wires and then a falling lamp to attack Harold successfully again; Harold then lights a lighter in his pocket to look around, then Norman opens the oven with flames in it. The flame explodes and the further explosion runs thorugh many pipes of another apartments. Eventually, Harold is arrested in the street.Harold/Gallery