Katie's Grandma
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Appearance Old lady
Personal Information
Residence New York
Family Katie
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets

Katie's Grandma is a character who made several cameo appearances in The Secret Life of Pets. She did appear more in a commercial for Sky.


At the beginning of the movie, she was briefly seen in Central Park with a white dog. She reappears again in some later scenes, such as in the dog park in Washington Square Park with her Papillon, and when Gidget is going to roof of her apartment building, Katie's Grandma being seen in the background in different clothes.

In the commercial, she is seeing doing the groceries and attends her cellphone (which was accidentally dialed by Max, Buddy and Mel) thinking it was her granddaughter. She hears Max barking and mistakes it as Katie being sick, so she promises she will prepare her sausages and bacon. At first, Chloe doesn't approve what the dogs have done, but when she hears the old lady will bring cake with ice cream as well, she revels just like her neighbors.


  • In the commercial, when the dogs say "grandma" excitedly to the phone, she can only hear barking instead of a word.