La pasion de la pasion

The opening title on the television

La Pasión de la Pasión (in Spanish, "The Passion of the Passion") is an English-speaking soap opera in the film The Secret Life of Pets. Gidget is a huge fan of the telenovela.


Gidget, in her apartment, watches the series excitedly while her owners were away. When it begins, Maria goes into a fancy room desperately and Fernando asks her what's going on. After some exaggerated moves of the two characters, Maria says that she's lonely, which makes Fernando gasp. Before this, Gidget can't wait for the result and jumps around the room.

However, Gidget is disturbed by Mel and Buddy, who are just back from the dog park and are taunted by some squirrels in a tree. They tell Gidget that Max is gone. Hearing this, Gidget is shocked and at this time, Fernando tells Maria that she needs to go and save her true love. Inspired by what Fernando has said, Gidget rushes out of a window for Max, but she falls downwards and bounces up thanks to an awning and she is thrown to the window of Chloe's Apartment; the noise frightens Chloe in the process.

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