Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Appearance Young married woman
Personal Information
Family Harold (Former Husband)
Production Information
Debut Norman Television
Voiced by Lori Alan

Marilyn is a character in the mini-movie Norman Television.


Marilyn becomes the heiress of her father's estate, but she refuses to share the heritage to his husband, Harold, due to his affair. While she doesn't notice, Harold prepares a cup of tea with poison, but he is stopped by Norman; the tea falls to the ground and the bottle of poison rolls out from his pocket.

At first, Marilyn is confused to see the splitted tea, but when she sees the poison, she runs in horror from his husband. At first Harold tries to attacked her but then he is trapped by Norman and even thrown out of the apartment because a gas explosion. At last, Harold is arrested in the street and Marilyn with other neighbors are there as well; a neighbor (which is referred as "wacky neighbor" by Norman) tries to flirt with her but he is hit by a warth by a kid, which makes all people there laugh.


  • In the movie Minions, a woman resembling Marilyn cameos.
  • Marilyn also appears in Despicable Me 3 briefly; she screams in the streets when Balthazar Bratt wrecks Hollywood.