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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Marilyn's Cat, is purely conjectural.
Marilyn's Cat
Screenshot 2016-12-13-07-38-35 1
Physical Information
Species Cat
Sex Female
Personal Information
Occupation Pet
Residence New York
  • Sleeping
  • Being disturbed
Production Information
Debut Norman Television

Marilyn's Cat is a cat that appears in Norman Television. She is owned by Marilyn and Harold.


She is a cat of white, black, and brown fur on her body, which indicates her gender (because the three existing color implies that she is a Calico Cat).


After being found about his murder intention, Harold tries to attack her owner, Marilyn; a sudden power failure (caused by Norman) makes him fall and hit their cat. The cat jumps up from her bed and then traps Harold, which gives time for Marilyn to hide herself in another room.


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