Myron Infobox
Physical Information
Species Hamster
Sex Male
Appearance Orange Hamster
Personal Information
Occupation Pet
Residence New York
Likes Pops
Dislikes The Flushed Pets
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets
Myron is a orange hamster, who is a minor character in The Secret Life of Pets.


He is a friend and assistant of Pops, who hangs out with him usually. When Buddy brought the pets to Pops, he was seen with Pops and another hamster. He also appears when Pops calls him for opening his eyelid, and evacuate pets in Pops' Apartment by a vacuum after Pops agrees to help Gidget to find Max.

In a promotional clip, Myron still appears and helps Pops to open his eyes.


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