Norman Television
Opening title
Norman Television
Film information
Film The Secret Life of Pets
Directed by Habib Louati
Boris Jacq
Produced by Janet Healy
Chris Meledandri
Written by Eric Favela
Running time 4 minutes 1 seconds
Release date December 6, 2016

Norman Television is a mini-movie that is featured in DVD and Blu-Ray release of The Secret Life of Pets.


In the pipe, Norman places plenty of popcorn, snacks and remote controls so that he can watch how the residents in the apartment live. Once, he watches a quarreling couple, Harold and Marilyn. Marilyn refuses to give a share of her father's estate to her husband after knowing his affair; Harold is upset after failed to comfort his wife, who is presumably mourning for her father.

Norman then moves to another apartment. There, a man called is talking about the ridiculousness about being on the street with merely underpants to her friend while his neighbor shows up and appears as what he just said. Norman can't help but laugh so hard that the three young men notice. Norman calls the man without pants "Wacky neighbor" and goes to see what's happening in his "cooking show".

In another apartment, a woman shows her way to cook to her friend; Norman pours some choco balls into his coke and throw up after trying some. A room of kids play as knights and Norman mimics their acts. Norman passes through a window of the pipe and then he sees Harold putting poison into a cup of tea, and a cockroach dies instantly when it licks a drop of poison. Then Harold takes the tea to his wife.

Norman then shoots popcorn and choco balls to stop Harold, and causes a power failure for Marilyn to escape from her husband. At last, he activates an explosive flame from the oven to throw Harold out of the apartment. Harold is later arrested by the police; Marilyn and her neighbors are watching the process in the street, not knowing the fact that these are done by Norman, who is now sitting a pit after the explosion, watching them and mocking the pantless "wacky neighbor".


  • Chris Renaud as Norman
  • Danny Mann as Harold / Additional Voices
  • Lori Alan as Marilyn
  • Kelly Lake as Additional Voices
  • Eric Osmond as Additional Voices
  • Jan Rabson as Additional Voices
  • Dave Rosenbaum as Additional Voices
  • Cory Walls as Additional Voices
  • Colette Whitaker as Additonal Voices


  • The logo of Norman Television is a parody of MTV Music Television.
  • The models of the kids in the apartment were recycled from some of those who attended Agnes' birthday party in Despicable Me 2; in addition, a Minion is drawn on Norman's coke cup.
  • This is the first Illumination Entertainment short film to be rated G by the MPAA.
  • This is the first The Secret Life of Pets short film to to be rated G by the MPAA, unlike the original film which was rated PG.
  • In the Chinese dub of the short, the wacky neighbor was captioned as "Arthur". It's unknown if it's his name or it's a mistranslation.


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