The Alley Cats
Physical Information
Species Cat
Appearance Stray Cats
Personal Information
Occupation Street Cats
Residence New York
  • Living on the street
  • Eating trash
  • Dogs
Production Information
Debut The Secret Life of Pets
Voiced by Steve Coogan as Ozone

Bill Farmer as Nitro

The Alley Cats are a cat gang that appear in The Secret Life of Pets. They live in a messy alley of New York, and the leader is Ozone.


Because Max tries to frame Duke to drive him out and treats him badly, Duke bites Max by leash and throws him into a trash cart of the alley. Little does he knows that the alley is where Ozone and his minions live, Ozone picks up and throws down Max from the trash cart and then threat the two dogs. At first, Duke acts that he doesn't afraid at all, but after Ozone robs his collar and other cats appears one by one, he soon dashes away and excuses that he remembers something else, leaving Max alone in the alley.

Max tries to escape, but he accidentally falls into a trash can, and then he is thrown around between clothesline by numerous cats. In the process, Ozone gets Max's collar as well. Max is eventually thrown to a sofa, and he notices Duke runs to him. At least, he is confused to see he is back, and then an Animal Control officer, J. Menard, chases after them, so the dogs and The Alley Cats runs away. However, Max and Duke are caught by Menard and his co-worker, D. Fourrage.

Later, Ozone is found by Tiberius and brought to atop of the Apartment Building to Gidget, which makes them know that Max last appears in the sewers. While Snowball is about to let Viper bite Max as recognition to a new recruit, some of the alley cats appear and Nitro tells Snowball that Max and Duke are actually domesticated.

Known Alley Cats

  • Ozone (Leader)
  • Nitro (Ozone's second-in-command)


  • The Alley Cats can be either a close gang or a cadet branch of The Flushed Pets.