The Flushed Pets' Lair
The Flushed Pets' Lair
Geographical Information
Type Sewer
Location Manhattan, New York, United States
Location Profile
Inhabitants Snowball (Leader)
Password Snakes
The Alley Cats
The Sea-Monkeys
Ricky † (possibly former leader)

The Flushed Pets' Lair is the base of The Flushed Pets.


The lair is located under Manhattan, New York. Basically, it is a wide space in the sewers of New York, with many former pets living in it. As the sewers extend in all directions, the animals can move anywhere just like the road system in the human world; they are seen climbing up to the road (for saving Ripper) and going to River Hudson (when they chase Max and Duke).

The lair is of all sorts of thrown or neglected materials (such as pipes, chains, and wood), by which the animals built for the residence for themselves. There is a square with wood floor that is for Snowball, the leader, to announce news to all members of The Flushed Pets, and the place is piled up higher and surrounded by wastewater. In addition, a corner of the wall acts as a memorial of a late member, Ricky, with his photos and white candles placed around; a large pipe is exclusively for Viper, who seems to be inside in normal times.

Though Snowball becomes a pet again because the adoption by Molly, it can be assumed that the lair is still in use, as seen that Tattoo, Derick, and Dragon flee to the sewers again, even if the leader is absent. As to The Flushed Pets, they are later seen as guest to the party in Leonard's Apartment.