This page is for the set of rules for each user of this wiki. It is protected so only administrators could edit it. However, this is to be read by every user in the wiki, specially those that will disobey the rules. Thank you.

Wikia's Term of Use

The Secret Life of Pets Wiki folows the policy of Wikia's Terms of Use itself, which you can read here.

NO to Spam and Vandalism

These are usually the most common offenses occurring here. There are a lot of things that can be considered or fall under spam and vandalism.

Things that could be considered as spam:

-posting messages repeatedly multiple times, specially those that are actually the same

-inserting gibberish with no legitimate meaning

Things that fall under vandalism:

-adding unnecessary categories to articles

-adding unnecessary photos like those which are not even from TSLOP

-nullifying article contents for no reason

-editing other user pages

Committing spam or vandalism will already be an offense and would likely get you banned.

13 and Above Policy

Following the Wikia's TOU, we prohibit underaged users to edit the wiki. Anyone we discover that is below 13 would be automatically blocked and furthermore reported to the staff to be globally blocked. If you know in yourself that you are below 13, it is advisable for you to not reveal your age to others, specially to the admins, otherwise you won't be able to help our community anymore nor have fun with us.

Behavioral Rules

1. Never bully anyone. We are all friends here and if you tend to bully someone, you will be blocked.

2. No trolling. Do not provoke anyone by mischievous actions.

3. Do not harass or intimidate users. Harassment usually happens on users who get blocked or has done something wrong. Harassing someone is a major offense and might lead you to a worse condition in the wiki than the person you have harassed.

4. Avoid showing immature behavior. Once an admin or any other superior tells you to do something or stop, please do so. Do not try to force them to do or grant what you want. Do not even show emoticons to express sorrow or tantrums.

5. Show respect. No name-calling to other people, call them what they are supposed to be called.

6. NO SWEARING. This is very important. Bad words are strictly prohibited in this wiki.

7. Never share false information about your fellow users.

8. Nobody here should be rude, even the superiors.

9. Do not impersonate other users.

10. Do not encourage other users to make offenses like spam and vandalism. You better encourage others to avoid doing it or just break the rules yourself, do not involve others who should be innocent.

Editing Rules

1. Avoid having edit wars. Please do not repeatedly revert someone's edits while that edit of yours is also getting reverted back. Those users who are involved in an edit war would likely be all blocked or just warned, depends on how serious the offense is.

2. Do not add false information to articles. If something needs a source, please provide it.

3. Avoid fluffy edits or only editing for badges. We all should edit here to help each other and aim to come up to a higher place, not to aim for those badges and compete with each other.

Image Rules

1. Do not add unofficial photos to articles, such as unofficial movie logo photos. This might immediately get you blocked for a while. If you have seen it on userpages, please do not put it on articles. You could put these in Illumination Entertainment Fanon Wiki, our fanon wiki.

2. Never add nude pictures or any of those with adult content. This wiki is for a movie that is also watched by the youth. Lets keep this wiki clean from matured content.

Photo rule

3. Do not upload blurry or bad quality screenshots.

4. The lowest acceptable quality for image is 720 p no images with lower resolution are allowed.

5. The file name for the image has to be the correct name for the image, not random numbers or file name words.

6. Do not upload pictures that can already be found from the galleries.

Other Rules

1. Use only the language English. You can only speak a different language in chat but only if it is directed to a person who understands it.

2. Never advertise other wikis. You could post links to wikis in your userpage saying that you also work there, but do not advertise them elsewhere.

3. Make sure that you are already qualified enough once you request to get rights. Having a good number of edits, have stayed for a long time in the wiki and showed good behavior which deserves user rights.

4. Do not bring in/out an issue across wikis. If you have any issues about the wiki, about something that has happened or to a fellow Wikian, please being it only here and not on another wiki. Let us keep other wikis away from the issues we have, for only us ourselves could solve it.

5. If you are a newcomer of this wiki, please don't write a blog and/or leave a message on your (or admins') message wall. This wiki is not a community site, if you need information and/or want to edit, then go ahead.