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This is the page for the sequence of events that happen in The Secret Life of Pets series.


Note: The events of The Secret Life of Pets start here.



  • July 13[1] - A cylindrical package is delivered to Pops' Apartment. Its hollow paper pipe is still in the apartment for years before Chloe notices it.




  • Norman gets lost and he is unable to find his apartment for three weeks.


  • "Last Sunday" - Mel takes a white pill given by his owner, and he passes out; then, he is taken on the plane for a trip to Florida.
  • Max licks the dish before Katie puts it into the dishwasher.[2]
  • A few days later
    • 7:20 - Chloe's Owner gives some cat food to Chloe before she leaves, but Chloe smashes the bowl and goes to the fridge. At night, Duke is adopted by Katie.
  • The next day
    • 14:27 - Buddy brings his neighbors to Pops' Apartment, where a wild animal party is being held.
    • 14:29 - Soon, Chloe's head is stuck into a cardboard pipe and she tries very hard to get rid of it.
    • 18:54 - Sweet Pea's Owner is back to his apartment.
    • 19:32 - Norman finds his apartment, which makes his owner very happy.

Note: The events of The Secret Life of Pets end here.



  1. The tag on it reads "FRI 13JUL" - it's also a Friday the 13th.
  2. There's a calendar hang in the kitchen, and the sequence of the date matches October in 2010.

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