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  • Rocket Pizza

    Greetings, my dear friends. Guess who is back again? Some of you know, some of you do not, so let me give a short statement of introduction. It is me, your friendly top pet again here, Rocket Pizza, or you can say the teenager editor guy, the busy young one, and more, and more about the dude named “Rocket Pizza" in this community. Come on, let us proceed with the real topic, the real thing I will share!

    As you have seen the title, I have just watched The Secret Life of Pets, today, November 19, 2016. We can say 18, too, if that may be the case of different timezones for some places. Hey! 19 is really my lucky number, and my birthday, oh yeah, April 19, 2002! ONLY NOW!!! Before you can say it, I will say YES, it is very late now. For the pre…

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  • Rocket Pizza

    Hey everyone! This is Rocket Pizza, creating a blog post once again about TSLOP. I know that some of you have seen TSLOP already. What I'm saying here is that if you have watched it already, please add as many info as you can, since you have the advantage. You could really help out with your knowledge! We need it. Lately, there are problems and issues about characters here. We need more articles, too. So we need your help! To whoever have watched it already, do your best to help, use that advantage of yours wisely! Thank you!

    Rocket, a Young Scientist and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Edits! | Talk to me!
    Blogs! |Contributions!
    |Have an awesomazing day! 10:43, July 17, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Rocket Pizza

    Hey, to any active users on there, this is Rocket. I'm just curious when are the release dates of the Secret Life of Pets in your countries. I pretty much know few of yours already. So, if somebody ever have watched the movie already, it'll be great, totally a good effect, things would be better. Kindly inform the wiki if you have watched the film, hehe. In my country, it is still on August. I'm quite not asking you to spoil me, just for adding information in the wiki itself. Also, try to tell your opinions a is it good, is it had, are you satisfied, do you highly recommend it? Okay, that's all. Thanks!

    -Rocket Pizza, A Top Pet, at your service

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