Greetings, my dear friends. Guess who is back again? Some of you know, some of you do not, so let me give a short statement of introduction. It is me, your friendly top pet again here, Rocket Pizza, or you can say the teenager editor guy, the busy young one, and more, and more about the dude named “Rocket Pizza" in this community. Come on, let us proceed with the real topic, the real thing I will share!

As you have seen the title, I have just watched The Secret Life of Pets, today, November 19, 2016. We can say 18, too, if that may be the case of different timezones for some places. Hey! 19 is really my lucky number, and my birthday, oh yeah, April 19, 2002! ONLY NOW!!! Before you can say it, I will say YES, it is very late now. For the previous months, I have been very busy for school. Well, I'm a student, of course, you can say the smartest or “Top 1" of the class, and I want to maintain my grades into an outstanding level. I just try to give edits to this wiki if I have free time, as you can see. In fact, I have became even more busy at the three weeks the movie was showing at my place, Philippines. Then, I decided to buy a Digital Video Disk for the movie, but it got lost for some reason. Therefore, I just decided to watch it online, but still, I cannot find it yet. Anyhow, I went back to being busy and felt like “Alright, I am spoiled already anyway, I will just watch it on a real vacant schedule and when the film is really available online or when that Digital Video Disk is found. And in fact, my wifi has poor signal, I am still experiencing problems." Okay, the story will get longer. I just got busy, and my wifi sucks, that is it. But guess what? Now, I am really very free and my wifi is now in a very good condition! For the previous months, many things made me busy, but for the next months, I will be less busy, since a few of those many things are already dealt with.

That Digital Video Disk is probably misplaced in the other house in a province, but now, I do not care about it. I have already watched the movie in an even better copy. Luckily, there was a subtitle in the website I went into, which is fmovies. I can see what they are saying, though I did not really had a problem with their accent of speaking english, their speech voices are understandable, so far, but still, it is good to have a subtitle. The subtitle really helps!

Honestly, the movie made me cry. My heart was really touched. I was so amazed at the epic scenes and liked the story so much! While seeing the heartwarming scenes the pets are having, I was like: “Oh, how I wish to have a pet again. I really miss those lovebirds I have before whom all are now on a better place." Now, that's some euphemism, by the way, before you ask. Also, the movie was also funny! You have read it well, it made me laugh! The creators did a good work on creating such a great movie.

Yeah right, keep saying that I am so very late. I will give it three words, which are what “IKR" stands for. I KNOW, RIGHT? It is even ridiculous for that matter! Okay. Let's look on the brighter side. I now can relate even more with this wiki.

Not only that! With me being alive, I mean, being more alive than usual right now, I will be a more active editor again! I promise that, everyone! Now, that was to add up for the good news, right? And speaking of those edits, they will be even better now that I have seen the whole movie. I am even thinking of watching it over and over again in the wonderful website I have found! Oh?! If you ask me to describe the film in only one word, I will use the informal word I myself invented and frequently use: AWESOMAZING!!! Who agrees? Come on, give me your thoughts! I am late, I know that, it is really quite weird.

This is just a blog post of sharing an experience and sharing some news, so, please, no negative comments, do not cause hard feelings or insults, just give out your reactions, and you may ask things, of course.

That is all, everyone! I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog of mine even if it may have wasted your time in a kind of unique way.


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|Have an awesomazing day! 08:02, November 19, 2016 (UTC)

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