aka Catty

  • I live in A gingerbread cottage
  • I was born on April 26
  • My occupation is A cat who loves madness.
  • I am Female
  • TheColdFalcon14

    Catty's Q&A

    December 27, 2016 by TheColdFalcon14

    Got any questions to ask me and my OCs? Well, stop being curious about me because now, you can ask me and my OCs (almost) anything!

    I hope I can get more questions!

    Note: This is a little bit of a crossover of Rio and TSLOP.

    Featuring: -Tiberius (major character, since he's my number one fav. You can ask him too if you want) -Max (minor character. You can ask him too if you want) -Gidget (minor character. You can ask her too if you want)

    Read more >
  • TheColdFalcon14

    Life In New York

    December 26, 2016 by TheColdFalcon14

    What Max and his friends do two months after the movie (some OCs are featured)

    Read more >

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