Share your ideas for The Secret Life of Pets 2 here. It's so interesting to hear ideas.

You can read mine here:

"if theres a topic that the movie should be about, are stray animals; I know the Flushed Pets are stray animals but they had in common that they want to get rid of humans and live in the sewers and also there are the Alley Cats, but they're, just cats. What about abandoned dogs that they don't have any resentment towards humans, live in the streets trying to survive, hoping that one day their owner comes back to pick them...?

I'm writing this because I live in a country with an exaggerated amount of stray dogs (and cats as well), I get to see everyday, either on my way to school or nearby my house, I'm not animal lover but it would be an interesting theme for the movie

and more Katie, the sequel needs more Katie."

-Molothrus Aeneus

"Who knows, perhaps in the sequel the world of the plot is even wider, not merely in New York but also more Mexican-related stuff (just like Despicable Me 2 did) or even to Tokyo, Beijing..."

-Xia Shangzhou

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