• Xia Shangzhou

    Cool Doggy and I just finished some new fanboxes for other characters. Just like FavPet template, you can add them to your profile, but this time you can add multiple ones as long as you like those characters.

    We currently have 17 fanboxes, they are listed in Template:FavPet/doc. Try them if you don't have one! If you want more fanboxes, comment below.

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  • Xia Shangzhou

    Favorite Pet

    July 22, 2016 by Xia Shangzhou

    Now the template FavPet is finished! You can use it to describe which pet is your favorite at your userpage, and the detailed usage can be seen at the template documentation.

    It may be hard to choose which character in The Secret Life of Pets you like the most, but if you have no idea what to put on your profile, then... try it!

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